Inspirations: Week 104

Your weekly dose!

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2016: My Best Buys


Clothes, Shoes, Makeup, Skincare, Travel, Tech, Accessories… I’ve rounded up my best buys of 2016!

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Gift Guide: Girl Boss

As a young working woman, I thought I’d start my gift guides off with one based off a lifestyle I’m familiar with! I’ve learned exactly what I need to get me through the week in an organized, productive, professional, and stylish way. Here’s what I love, that I’d gift to any of my hardworking lady friends…

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How To: Make a Cozy, Contented Life

In the current political climate, and with the nearing winter climate, I’ve had an urge to make my home into a real safe haven. I’m not handling the election results at all, so I’m distracting myself by focusing on the things I can control.

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