2016: My Best Buys

I’m proud and slightly ashamed of my shopping skills and habits.  I’m capable of finding a lot of unique, useful, ahead-of-the-game items, but I also could be more responsible.  In 2017, I’m going to continue working on that balance.  But in the meantime, I’ve rounded up the best things I purchased this year!

Away Carry-On Suitcase – One of my New Year’s Resolution’s for 2016 was to travel more, and this bag made that so much easier.  It has two USB ports to charge my devices, 360-degree wheels, and a built-in lock.  I feel so stylish and travel-savvy!

S’Well Bottle – I keep mine in my work bag, and use it for the coldest and hottest drinks.  If you want a bottle that is incredibly stylish and also magically keeps tea hot for six-plus hours, get a S’Well.

Hamilton: An American Musical Soundtrack – Technically, this was free because of my Spotify Family Plan, but I play this every single day, and know it by heart.  It makes my life better with every listen.

Lo & Sons OG Bag – This has been my work bag for months, and I love how much it holds while keeping me organized.  It’s a great travel bag, too!

Ringly Smart Ring – This is the most stylish tech accessory and fitness tracker on the market!  I love that I can get notifications from my phone so I don’t miss important emails and texts without having to have my phone out at all times.

Faith Backless Loafers – I love these shoes so much that I’m considering getting them in white, too!  They’re so comfortable and stylish, a great dupe for Gucci loafers.

Glossier – In the past year, I’ve bought everything they make, and I can’t remember life without this miracle brand!

What did you discover in 2016 that you now can’t live without?  Love, Me

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