Wishlist: August 2018


Here’s what’s on my list this month..

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It’s Gemini Season!

Rejoice, fellow Geminis! It’s our time to shine. I’ve never been super focused on astrology, but I’ve dabbled a bit over the last year or so. Call it part of my hippie California aesthetic! Shop the Sign Mejuri Gemini Necklace Claire Goodchild Moon & Stars Gemini Art Print NCLA Gemini Laquer CAM Planets + Predictions […]

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Dressing Like My Mom

As I get older, I find myself emulating my mom more and more. People are always telling us that we sound exactly alike and look alike (she’s much prettier than I am), but now, I also frequently catch myself saying things I’ve heard her say a million times. I also buy a lot of things […]

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