Inspirations: Week 51

It’s the last week of 2016, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  On the one hand, this year was pretty insane; a lot of bad things happened in our country and the world at large.  We lost a lot of great people – civilian and celebrity – and we elected a monster.  I think we’re all ready for this year to be over, but to quote King George in Hamilton, “What comes next?” 2017 is unknown territory, and to an extent, we can make it whatever want.  I’m very curious and nervous to see what we’re all going to do…

1.  Glossier and Into the Gloss were some of my favorite discoveries this year.   I now use all their products, and have turned my friends, mother, and grandmother into fans as well!  I love reading about their team members.  Can you say dream job? (via Into the Glosssupers_vertical_packro-compressor

2.  Take a look back at President Obama’s Top Moments in the Digital Era.  I’m really going to miss him. (via Medium1-5cja9b7ym0mfhtnc4ksxyw

3.  Musician George Michael passed away this week, yet another nail in the coffin of this terrible year.  Most of us didn’t know what an amazingly generous person he was, but now his anonymous acts of enormous kindness are now coming to light.  We should all strive to emulate his lifestyle. (via Buzzfeed)sub-buzz-17064-1482709419-1

4.  Read about Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s historic visit to Pearl Harbor, the first time a sitting PM from their country has gone to the site. (via Buzzfeed)sub-buzz-4838-1482897723-1

5.  Because this year hasn’t already taken enough from us, we lost Carrie Fisher yesterday.  I always related to her character in When Harry Met Sally; she was cynical about the world, but only because she was scared that she’d never find true love.  Most people will remember Carrie as Princess Leia, but she lives on in her wisdom, feminism, and advocacy for mental health.sub-buzz-2304-1482866235-4

6.  If this year has left you uninspired about making resolutions for 2017, here are some of hopes and dreams for all of us.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I hope we all try to make this world better for each other. (via Thought Catalog30483438562_397d7577f7_k

Happy (early) New Year.  We’re almost there.  Love, Me

*Photos borrowed  as always, with gratitude to their talented owners

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