Loving Lately

I’m always finding cool new stuff to send to my friends and family, and I thought I’d start sharing them with you as well!  Here’s what I’m obsessing over lately…

The miniature version of the Luna is even cuter and way more affordableluna-play-blue-front-turtles_position

These vegan cookies bananacookie-still-master675

This sleek phone-charging case is lighter than your Mophie and on sale!rosegold

love my striped one-piece from Solid & Striped, so I’m super excited about their new International Collection, bathing suits inspired by the Olympics, but with a vintage feel that I love.  I wish they had an ‘Israel’ suit, but I’ll settle for the adorable ‘Australia’ kangaroo suit! 2016-05-12_ss-1777_1024x1024

What are you loving lately? XX

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