Gift Guide: Girl Boss

Tis the season for giving!  One of my favorite things is picking out special presents for my loved ones, and seeing how happy they make them.  It’s a gift to me to see people I love enjoying and getting good use out of the gifts I give them.

As a young working woman, I thought I’d start my gift guides off with one based off a lifestyle I’m familiar with!  I’ve learned exactly what I need to get me through the week in an organized, productive, professional, and stylish way.  Here’s what I love, that I’d gift to any of my hardworking lady friends:

S’well Bottle – I tell everyone about these water bottles.  They can be used to keep hot drinks hot for hours, and cold drinks cold for even longer.  My rose gold is in my work bag every day, because no other bottle is going to keep my tea hot from 7 AM until the end of the day.  I love the white marble and all of the Gray Malin special edition bottles.

PhoneSuit Flex XT Pocket Lightning Charger – Every girl on the go needs a portable charger, and this one is cord-free.

Isotoner Women’s smarTouch Gloves – If you don’t want to have dry, cracked hands when you’re typing away at work, you either have to put your phone away when you’re walking outside, or get a cute pair of touchscreen gloves.  I like these ones because they’re water repellant spandex, but the leather detailing gives them an upgrade.

Pacifica French Lilac Solid Perfume – I adhere to a mostly vegan diet now, but my makeup drawer is another story.  I really like Pacifica’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free solid perfumes; nothing is more annoying than a girl spritzing herself in the office!

Ringly Smart Ring – My newest obsession.  This ring buzzes and gently lights up to tell me for apps and contacts of my choosing.  I love that I don’t have to check my phone every 10 seconds.  Bonus: it’s a step-tracker too!

Lo & Sons The OG Bag – The best work and travel bag for the girl who likes to be organized.  I use mine every day, and my roommate loves hers too. (They go on sale a lot too!)

What better way to get your mind off Monday than giving to others?  Have a good one!  Love, Me

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