Inspirations: Week 41

1. These phrases make you sound smarter and more professional. (via My Domaineblah_speech_bubble

2.  Check out these weird and very creepy vintage beauty products. (via Byrdiethese-photos-of-vintage-beauty-products-are-absolutely-fascinating-1935645-1476303885-640x0c

3.  Donuts are my weakness, and my new goal is to try each state’s best shop. (via Buzzfeedsub-buzz-15304-1475260313-4

4.  Aspirin is one of those multipurpose magic pills that really can fix so many problems. (via Byrdie1943280-1476827154-640x0c

5.  Working in the tech world, people expect you to be reachable by email/text/phone at all times, and it is exhausting!  I’m definitely going to be implementing these hacks for dealing with my inbox. (via Career Girl Dailyspeak-up

Love, Me

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