My Style: Schoolgirl Swag

I’m lucky enough to work in an office that has, among other amazing perks, a lax dress code.  It gives me the freedom to experiment with my style and dress confidently, which is something a lot of my previous jobs did not.  Usually, my outfits are pretty simple, a sundress and sandals in the summer, sweater and jeans in the fall and winter – dressing up is a lot of work! – but sometimes I like to dress up a little more.

I recently picked up this plaid miniskirt from Uniqlo, and could not wait to wear it.  I wanted to give off a Cher Horowitz vibe, so when I instagrammed a pic of my outfit and my best friend texted me, “you look like Cher in Clueless,” I was thrilled!  It’s always nice when your efforts are recognized!

It just so happens that on this day when I was really feeling my look, my coworkers and I also decided to take advantage of the beautiful Indian summer day.  We ate lunch outside and took a long walk through the Boston Public Garden because it was just too nice to be indoors.  We didn’t get a lot of work done, but we had a really great afternoon together.  Coworker bonding is so important!

file_0004I’m always in awe of how beautiful the Public Garden looks no matter what time of yearfile_0003file_0001One of my coworkers took these pictures for me, but our other coworker kept making me laugh!file_0011file_001file_000

I hope you’re all as lucky as I am to have a job you love!  Love, Me

Wearing: Victoria’s Secret leather jacket (similar here), Forever21 top (similar here), Uniqlo skirt, Faith loafers

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