I Stick Needles in My Face Every Night for Better Skin

I thought that the Halloween season would be the perfect time for an article with this creepy title!

But in reality, the needles I’m talking about aren’t Botox or anything injectable. In fact, these needles are so small that I barely feel them poking into my skin.

I’m talking about microneedling, also known as derma-rolling, and it’s one of the best at-home treatments you can do for younger-looking skin.

A microneedling device kind of looks like a little rolling pin, only covered in, you guessed it, micro-sized needles. By rolling it across your face, the tiny needles gently prick your skin, which stimulates its collagen production. It also helps make your serums more effective, pushing them under the surface layer so they’ll work on a deeper level.

It may look and sound intimidating, but microneedling can help with dark undereye circles, small lines, and giving you firmer, plumper, glowing skin. The procedure can cost $$$ in a spa or doctor’s office, but you can do it at home for $30!

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One thought on “I Stick Needles in My Face Every Night for Better Skin

  1. I’m super interested in microneedling but would love to know more. Do you have any before or after pics? Do you feel like it’s made a difference in your skin? Thanks!

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