Ole Henriksen’s Hygge HydraClay™ Detox Mask is Unlike Any Other Purifying Mask I’ve Tried

When I first read about Ole Henriksen’s new Nurture line, I was so excited to try it out. It’s all about Hygge, and taking care of your skin as a way to improve it, rather than fighting it or trying to conquer it. For me, the concepts of Hygge and skincare are strongly connected; self-care and self-love are a huge part of my beauty routine. I feel so comforted and much happier when I am taking care of myself. And Ole Henriksen is one of the great skincare experts, whose products I have been using for years. I even got my first facial at their spa on Sunset last week!

I was particularly excited to try the new mask, which promises to detox and replenish skin simultaneously. Most clay masks will detox your skin, but it usually sucks a lot of moisture out of your face. That’s just a given – or it was, until now.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.43.50 AM

I was struck by how creamy this mask was; not always an adjective I’d use to describe a clay or mud mask. But it’s true: the oil and clay combination makes this mask spread on like butter, no matter if you use a brush or your fingers to apply. And it’s soothing, a word I never thought I’d use to describe a purifying or detoxing skincare product. But since it’s a hybrid mask, the oils hydrates while the clay cleans, so they cancel each other out in the best way. The mask also smells incredible, due to the botanical oils and extracts, including jojoba, sweet almond, and chamomile flower extract, making the masking experience even nicer.

This mask washes off easily, or rather, melts off your face with water. It’s simply a pleasure to use, and my skin glows after every application. The best part is that my skin feels clean but not tight, and I don’t have to frantically grab for my moisturizer, panicking that my face will crack from dryness. It’s an all-around win and quickly becoming one of my favorite products.

At $32, this mask will last you a long time and is well-worth the price. Ole’s products are definitely more on the affordable side of luxury skincare, and the fact that he’s one of the greatest in the business makes them even more worth your time.

Love, Me

4 thoughts on “Ole Henriksen’s Hygge HydraClay™ Detox Mask is Unlike Any Other Purifying Mask I’ve Tried

  1. I got this as PR and thought it was okay. It pricey for a clay product. I don’t think it would last that long either. I’m already half way through the tube and it hasn’t been a month. I use it 3x a week.

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