How To: Make a Cozy, Contented Life

One of the best things about living in an adult apartment is the pride I get from organizing, decorating, and really making the space into a home.  In the current political climate, and with the nearing winter climate, I’ve had an urge to make my home into a real safe haven.  I’m not someone who handles cold weather well – usually I hibernate as much as possible – and like most people, I’m not handling the election results at all, so I’m distracting myself by focusing on the things I can control.

Here are my tips to revamp and reclaim your life and your space as a safe haven:

Pick a project.  This weekend, I finally unpacked two boxes of books that had been sitting in my room for over a month.  Often, I have a hard time getting motivated, but I remind myself how good I feel checking things off my to-do list!

Declutter.  I did laundry, changed my sheets, and did some vacuuming this weekend.  Having a clean space improved my mood so much.  And if you’re not someone who loves to clean and have a tidy home, do what soothes you instead!

Distract yourself.  Now more than ever, social media is a hotbed of politics and incendiary beliefs.  If you want to keep your blood pressure down, get off your phone or laptop.  Read a book or go for a walk.  I built a piece of furniture all by myself on last week, and was so happy to be doing a simple, manual task!  64e0486a8fcfce022a772d5f785022a2

Redecorate.  Making even the smallest changes can improve your mood!

Pamper Yourself.  I really like taking a bubble bath, giving myself a manicure, or doing a sheet mask after a long hot shower.  I’m all about the Hygge lifestyle now, and I highly recommend adapting it. 95cc8094610e431c5a1f2479cce99323

Love, Me

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