Global Beauty: the Sheet Mask

When it comes to beauty products, my motto is, “I’ll try anything once.”  Botox and other drastic semi-surgical options obviously not included!  But my mom says the sheet masks I’ve become obsessed with make me look like a serial killer, so clearly there are different opinions on what constitutes drastic.  Korean beauty is finally catching on in America, with Sephora and Urban Outfitters carrying various lines in their stores and online.  In my never-ending quest for perfect, poreless, model skin, I discovered sheet masks and their fellow Korean beauty compatriots on Amazon.  Amazon is a great place to find your everyday beauty products for cheaper, as well as products from other countries.  I have been telling everyone about sheet masks.  They are individually packaged, making them travel-friendly.  They come in delicious scents, and have masks for just about every skin problem in existance.  And best of all, the price range is wide, with options I’ve tried so far ranging from $4-$80.  Here are some of my favorites:

71WnBkIJbsL._SY355_Tony Moly sheet mask are my favorites.  You can get the variety pack here and “taste the rainbow”, or buy 10-packs of each kind here for about $16!  I have tried the Red Wine, Seaweed, and Aloe so far.  The Aloe ones are my favorite; I use them at least twice a week.  Considering Sephora only carries four of the options and sells them in 2-packs for $7.50, Amazon is the way to go….

s1581065-main-hero-300Speaking of Sephora, they have their own line of sheet masks now!  I had splurged on Shiseido’s White Lucent Power Brightening masks last year and they had made me glow like no other, BUT $68 for five masks isn’t something I can justify on a regular basis.  Carlos, my neighbor and a makeup artist at my Sephora, recommended that I try the Sephora line, telling me that this mask was a cheaper version of the Shiseido’s.  So now, for $6/mask, I can glow and feel much less guilty about the state of my bank account.

Sheet masks are having a moment, but I think they’re here to stay.  They’re reasonably priced, diverse in their options, and the absolute best part: you don’t have to get up and wash your face after using them – my least favorite part of any mud mask.  Now I take off my makeup, wash my face, and wear one of these in bed for a half-hour before going to sleep.  In fact, I’m wearing one right now.

Love to all my fellow lazy girls!

XX, Gabrielle

My little sister (right) and I rocking masks the night before her high school graduation last month.
My little sister (right) and I rocking masks the night before her high school graduation last month.

12 thoughts on “Global Beauty: the Sheet Mask

  1. I’m such a huge fan of the Sephora masks! The pomegranate anti-fatigue is my favorite!

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