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Before I started this blog, I was living in NYC, attending Columbia University.  I was actually born in New York, but spent most of my life living in Boston and occasionally, Israel.  I got very sick of NYC after living there as an underclassman, but since leaving, I’ve come back around to liking the city, even though I don’t think its the right place for me to live.  But that is what growing up is about, right?  Figuring out what is best for you and trying to live your life in a way that makes you happiest and most fulfilled?  NYC did not end up being the right place for me, but at least I can enjoy it now for short-term stays.

When I was in New York this weekend, my best friend took me to a magical place called Harmon’s.  Now, I did a lot of exploring when I lived in New York.  I thought that if I found things to do in neighborhoods that I liked away from campus, that I would enjoy New York more.  I mean, if you live in NYC and don’t get out of your own 20 block-radius, you are missing out!  I had a great part-time job at Warren Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel, and I tried to wander around the Village and SoHo when I had a free afternoon.  I even went to the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn one year!  But I had never even heard of Harmon’s, so when Leetal told me that she was taking me to a discount beauty superstore, I was intrigued.  Usually, when I think ‘discount’ and ‘superstore,’ I think of bins of expired makeup that no one should be buying.  But omg, was I in for such a treat!  Harmon’s is my new favorite place.  They had all the best drugstore brands for makeup and nails, as well as higher end hair products, styling tools, salon products, and great skincare.  I bought a bunch of great stuff that I’d never tried before, but I only spent about $40!  For me, that is self-control.  I mean, I have a Dior brow pencil that costs about that much.  So while I’m not going to forsake my beloved Sephora any time soon, I am very happy to add some more low-cost options to my makeup routine…

PicMonkey Collage 3.13.17 AM

  • Formula 10.0.6 ‘Deep Down Detox Facial Mask‘ – This mask was even cheaper at Harmon’s than it is on Amazon! (I’ll probably be complaining about that with a lot of beauty buys from now on.)  This mask goes on smoothly, and has a nice tingle for the first few minutes, which I always like, because it feels like the mask is really working.  This left my face feeling so clean and glowy, plus it didn’t make me break out the next morning.
  • Global Beauty Care Premium ‘Retinol Spa Treatment Masks’ – You all know I am a sheet mask fanatic, so obviously I had to buy some at Harmon’s… Again, way cheaper there, literally 50% off, so five masks for only $7!  I don’t know why I only bought one box, because these are incredible.  First, they are even more moist than my favorite TonyMoly aloe masks, but the mask itself is a softer fabric, so it smooths over the face perfectly.  Retinol, aka Vitamin A is like the holy grail of skincare: anti-acne, anti-aging, smoothing and plumping the face.  I woke up this morning with baby skin, and I’m never going back!!!
  • e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush – My local CVS just started carrying e.l.f products, but only a limited amount, so the entire wall of it at Harmon’s was heavenly to me!  I bought this brush because it is different from the typical foundation brush, and promises to deliver a more natural blend to your foundation and concealer.  e.l.f. makes great makeup and tools at the most affordable prices out there.  It is so hard to find good quality brushes that won’t shed at any prices, and I now use theirs almost exclusively!
  • L’Oreal Paris ‘Voluminous Butterfly Mascara’ in Black – I MEAN, COME ON, L’OREAL.  Stop making everyone else look bad!  I love that this mascara brush is two-sided, one side to get those little lashes in your corners and fan them out, and the other side for dreamy length and volume.  This is my new go-to every day!
  • Bobbi Brown ‘Skin Foundation Stick’ in Warm Beige – Beloved by Kim Kardashian and her makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic, this foundation is a cult classic.  After one day, I’m already hooked as well!  This stuff makes me flawless, stays through the day, and doesn’t make me break out.  Truly the holy grail of foundations, and it comes in a super travel-friendly size and container.  Need I say more?
  • NYX Cosmetics ‘Dark Circle Concealer’ in Fair – So I only got this today, but I already really like it.  NYX, like e.l.f. (that’s a lot of letters!) is low-cost but high quality.  I come from a family that is genetically-prone to dark under-eye circles.  I remember waking up one morning as a preteen and they were just there.  And no matter how much sleep I get, they are always there.  This concealer has one of my favorite ingredients for everything, coconut oil, AND NYX does not test their products on animals.  Win and win.

XX, Gabrielle

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