Reviewed: Lush Rosy Cheeks Mask

love anything smelling or made of roses.  They’re amazing for your skin, and they’re definitely one of the most classic, romantic, graceful flowers.  I always feel so fresh and lovely after using my rosewater at night or lighting my rose candle!  I’d been hearing amazing things about Lush’s Rosy Cheeks mud mask, but it was always sold out when I went into my local branch.  Undeterred, I lucked out a few weeks ago, and got the last tub they had!  And let me tell you, this little pink tub was worth the wait…

I stopped using mud masks regularly about a year ago because at the time, my now-regular skincare routine was new, and wreaking havoc on my skin.  I was too dry to use mud masks, but I still wanted to pamper myself and go the extra mile with my skin.  This led to me discovering my beloved sheet masks, and now I can’t live without them!

Now that my skin is mostly under control, I’ve been able to reincorporate the occasional mud mask.  Many mud masks suck all the moisture out of your face, but this rose mask is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin because it contains calming calamine and rose oil – it actually nourishes your skin while purifying it!  I used to think that drying out my skin would cure my acne, but I learned that your face actually needs its natural oils and needs hydration; parched skin isn’t the solution, it actually makes your problems worse.

This mask is the best of both worlds.  I was shocked by how glowing, lifted, and firm my skin was after using this mask once!  If you can order it online or manage to find it in your local store, everything will be coming up roses.

XX, Gabrielle

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