Gift Guide: Hygge and Happy

I’ve mentioned the Danish practice, Hygge, before, but now it’s really taken off here in the States.  Pronounced ‘hoo-guh,’ the word is derived from an old Norwegian word that means “to comfort,” and in modern English, “cozy” is the only word that comes close.  Hygge is going to be a huge trend here in 2017.  Let’s face it, the world is falling apart, and we could all use a little (ok, a lot) more self-care and nurturing.  Author Louisa Thomsen Brits calls Hygge “a practical way of creating sanctuary in the middle of very real life,” while Danish doctors recommend tea and Hygge as the cures for the common cold!

I think that I’ve subconsciously always been into the Hygge lifestyle without even knowing it!  I love curling up under a fluffy blanket with tea and a good book, three Hygge activities in one.  And one of my favorite childhood memories was the feeling of comfort and safety I felt when my dad would be driving us through bad rain or snowstorms.

People neglect themselves, thinking that things like work and money are more important.  But I (and the tenets of Hygge) believe that life goes much better when you are taking care to be your best self.  Here are some tips and gifts you can give your loved ones to help them get into the Hygge lifestyle!


How To Hygge:

Fill your home with warm lights.  Use warm-toned, lower wattage light bulbs and candles.

Make your space a cozy haven.  My bed is covered in blankets and a magically soft white blanket.  I dream about it all day when I’m out in the cold.

Warm up your diet.  I drink mugs of tea all day, and I love a hearty bowl of soup.  Hot foods are comforting and filling in a way that cold foods are not.

Treat yourself.  My skin always requires more attention during the winter.  I try to do a sheet mask every night before bed, and a weekly hair mask.

Practice soothing, comforting behaviors.  Curl up with a good book, listen to calming music, do something that gently nourishes your soul.

Get Outside.  It might be the last thing you want to do, but vitamin D and fresh air are really important for your physical and mental health.  Plus, you’ll feel extra cozy when you come in from the cold.

Shop Hygge:

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Happy Hygge-Days!  Love, Me

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