Inspirations: Week 50

I can’t believe this is week 50/52!  Did you know that between November 1 and January 15, there are more than twenty holidays observed by seven of the world’s largest religions?  So happy holidays to us all; get ready for some great last Inspirations posts!

1.  I love making healthy bowls like these, and now that I know they’re called Buddha Bowls, I like them even more!  I was a fat baby, so my family called me Buddha Baby. (via Career Girl Dailywellandfull-4-21-683x1024-e1481885615389

2.  One of my favorite holiday activities is escaping the madness of family by immersing myself in a great book.  I’m adding these five reads to my stack. (via Career Girl Dailyscreenshot-2016-12-21-01-30-54

3.  One of my perennial resolutions is to save my money.  I’m actually getting better at it. Here are some small changes you can make to get started. (via PopSugar)a4f2c02969fc6ec298afabcfb2892e14

4.  This was a tough year, but it wasn’t completely terrible, according to PopSugar2dc93a95d590c99f_gettyimages-627684924

Should I keep doing these Inspirations posts next year?  Love, Me

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