What’s In My Car?

Ask me where I keep my necessities and I’ll tell you, ‘my purse, my car, everywhere!’  I’m the kind of girl who likes to be prepared, and I like to have everything I need at all times.  I envy the girl who can walk around empty-handed and feel like she can make do in any situation.  I’m pretty resourceful and creative, but I’m not that kind of girl.  Here’s what’s in my car…

Hand Cream – My hands get really dry in the winter, probably because I’m always forgetting my gloves.  I need a gentle cream in my car, since my hands kind of play an important role in the whole driving experience!  I have a lovely rose lotion from Israel in my car that hydrates my skin while giving me happy memories of my favorite place.

Lip Balm – I suffer from permanently-dry lips, and it is so frustrating.  As a result, I usually have about five lip balms and glosses between my bag and my car.  Right now it’s the cult French multitasker Homeoplasmine, which I can also use on my hands, face, basically everywhere.

Makeup Wipes – If I don’t have plans in the evening, I like to take off my makeup as soon as I’m done with work.  I’ll wipe my face with my beloved Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Purifying Oil-Free Wipes and then cleanse as soon as I get home.

A Refreshing Facial Spray – There have been so many long drives when I just really needed a pick-me-up, and that’s why I started keeping a facial spray in my glove compartment.  I love BOOTS Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz, which is not only refreshing but is good for my skin, too!  Bonus: it smells amazing.

Hand Sanitizer – I wouldn’t call myself a germaphobe, but I definitely like to feel clean all the time.  Working downtown and taking public transportation a lot, I need to protect myself from germs so that I don’t get sick.  I stay away from harsh chemicals and buy natural hand sanitizer at Whole Foods.

Phone Charger – Being stranded with a dead phone is probably one of my worst fears.  I’m a pretty resourceful and creative person, but I’m also a twenty-first-century lady, and we love our technology.  I keep Belkin Rose Gold Chargers in my bedroom, purse, and car at all times.  Belkin chargers are wrapped like bungee cords, so they’re less likely to break like your Apple cords.

Spare Sunglasses – I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunnies I have, or how many times I’ve lost a pair.  Since I have pale eyes, I’m more sensitive to the sun, and I get migraines frequently.  I always keep an inexpensive pair of aviators in my car: I know they’ll work with any outfit and prevent another headache.

Don’t worry, I also have all the “real” car necessities like a flashlight and blanket.  Always be prepared!  Love, Me

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