Inspirations: Week 38

1.  Making these habits my habits so I, too, can become more productive! (via Byrdiethey-dont-just-set-goals-they-assign-timelines-765920-1474411176-640x0c

2.  Learn more about my mom’s favorite super-spice, turmeric and get cookin’! (via Refinery29egg-yolk-turmeric-olive-oil

3.  Nine outfit formulas so you never tear apart your closet looking for something to wear ever again. (via Who What Wearchiara-744152-1474885778-640x0c

4.  Recover from your post-debate drinking game hangover with some celebrity tweets about it. (via StyleCaster)

5.  On a more serious note, please take a moment to read this HuffPo piece about how we feel about and treat Hillary Clinton.  This election is the most important one in decades, and we CANNOT afford to get it wrong. (via Huffington Postctu_awkxgaeyzts

Please please please register (or check that you’re already registered) to vote, and vote with your heart, head, and our future in mind.  Have a great Wednesday!  Love, Me

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