Reviewed: Ole Henriksen POWER Bright™

When it comes to skincare, I have a pretty regular routine.  I exfoliate frequently, cleanse morning and night, and I’m devoted to my preventative acne prescription.  I’m also a sheet mask addict – I probably post about them once a week!

I’m reluctant to go out of my skincare comfort zone.  I’ve had one facial in my life, and it made my skin worse.  I’ve tried hundreds of products, and most of them didn’t work.  When you know as much about skincare as I do and finally find what works, you stick with it and you don’t upset the balance.  But Ole Henriksen makes some of the best skincare in the world, and after reading Cupcakes and Cashmere’s post where three of their writers tried and loved the new Power Bright peel, I thought it would be worth the risk.  The fact that I got to try it for free didn’t hurt either!

OH packages the spa experience of a peel into adorable little pods for at-home use.  This system ensures that you use exactly the right amount of product (read: no over-exfoliating) and the whole process is mess-free – no scooping gooey materials out of jars or spilling of expensive products.  It also means that you can bring the peel with you on vacation.  One of the times when I’m most frustrated with my skin is when I’m on vacation; flying, climate change, and deviation from my diet wreak havoc on my usually-happy skin.

So I tried the peel, and I was impressed.  I admit, the first time I tried it out, I rushed through it and I didn’t get the results that the C&C ladies did.  My skin was definitely brighter, but I didn’t think that I did the peel justice, nor did it do justice for me.  So I tried it again because I wanted to give you my fair and honest opinion, and here it is: this is a great product.  For a fancy skincare product, it is fairly easy to use, convenient (compared to actually going to a spa for the same service) and the results are well-worth the price.  I would definitely treat myself to this peel before a special event, and I have already recommended it to friends who complimented my skin!

Have a great Monday!  Love, Me

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