Photo Diary: SoWa Sunday

So I actually had a pretty busy weekend, and somehow managed to photograph most of it!  My roommates and I are making major progress unpacking and decorating our new apartment, which is finally starting to feel like home.  We celebrated roommate Lily’s birthday with a lot of drinking (even I had some rosé) and spent Sunday at South Boston’s SoWa outdoor market.  It’s crazy to me how adult we have become; I live with two girls who I’ve been friends with since I was nine and thirteen years old, and now we meal prep and clean our apartment on Sundays and love farmers markets!

file_0007Tis the season of everything pumpkin.
file_0003I always love how artistically people arrange their produce at farmers markets.
file_0002My sparkly pink raspberry donut from Blackbird Donutsfile_0001file_000Some of the most delicious and juicy pears I’ve ever tastedfile_001Trying not to cry at how amazing my donut was.

It’s Monday, you deserve a donut for surviving.  Love, Me

Sunglasses: Target / Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Jeans: Gap / Purse: Michael Kors / Nails: Essie Gel Couture

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