The Drugstore Product I Can’t Live Without

I’ll be completely honest: most of my makeup, skincare, and hair products do not come from the drugstore.  There are a few reasons for this, namely, I can get them cheaper on Amazon, I use Korean products, and/or because I shop at Sephora.  This isn’t to say that drugstore products can’t be great, because many of them are.  But the upside of shopping online is that I can read reviews and do research, instead of taking a risk and hoping that a product will work.


Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Blends in ‘Clean’ is the product I always pick up at the drugstore.  In fact, I usually buy an extra, just in case I break it or they ever discontinue it.  Not only are all Neutrogena’s products hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.  It’s the perfect pressed powder that makes my skin look like a better, but still natural version of itself – I hate the caked-on, heavy look.  Because of its four colors, it both matches and neutralizes the different shades of your skin.  Yes, your skin is not just one color, it’s actually got different tones and colors.  The pink in the left-hand corner is great for setting your undereye concealer and neutralizing dark shadows, while the darkest shade adds the slightest overall glow.  Mixing them all together with my large powder brush helps make my entire face look better.  Setting it with a face mist helps it settle into my skin, giving me a perfect, natural glow.

Do you have a favorite drugstore product?  Love, Me

6 thoughts on “The Drugstore Product I Can’t Live Without

  1. I don’t have any specific ones because I use a lot of specialty items and they are always hit and miss. However, I have seen that Walgreens is carrying a lot more brands that I use or would like to try.

  2. I’ve never tried this product but it sounds great, I’m going to have to check it out. My drug store favorite is Telescopic mascara by L’Oréal. If you’ve never tried it I highly recommend it. It’s really great for lengthening.

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