Curated: Fresh and Green

One of the only good things about living in a region with actual seasons is watching them change.  Spring is about new beginnings and opportunities.  It means longer, warmer days and a renewed beauty everywhere you look.  I love watching Boston come alive as the cold spell finally breaks.  My heart is so happy the minute the trees sprout their little green buds.  When I think about spring, I think of leaf prints like the Martinique Banana Leaf made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel and flowing, beautiful fabrics.  Green is such a fresh and refreshing color.  And it seems like Pantone agrees with me, since their 2017 Color of the Year is ‘Greenery!’

Are you ready for spring?  Are you as excited for it as I am?  Love, Me

Shop my spring picks:

fror-wy31_v3From St Xavier Nina Drawstring Bag

mink-wd594_v2MINKPINK Traveler Midi Dress

ganr-ws17_v1Ganni Dalton Wrap Blouse

00224472-03Contemporary Palm Leaf Dress

seyc-wz287_v1Seychelles Commute Heel

00268286-02Palm Tree Print Pajama Shirt

90a3b208c2ad4c604261313d19e6a9f4Show Me Your Mumu Carly Cropped Leggings

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