My New Year’s Resolutions

Plans, goals, hopes, aspirations, resolutions.  Call them whatever you want, it’s good to have them!  Last year, I set a few lofty goals, and I’m proud to say that I actually kept them for the most part!  There were a lot of hard moments this year: career change, breakups, times where I felt unimaginably stressed.  But I also traveled a lot, ate so much healthier, and I can genuinely say that I feel more confident, stronger, and simply better than I was a year ago.  So the lesson is this: even if you don’t keep your resolutions to the letter, if you can say that you actively worked to be better this year, you’ve succeeded.

Here’s how I plan to continue growing this year:

Save More.  I’m very lucky to be making enough money to support myself and then some.  Watching my savings grow is very empowering, and I hope to save even more and shop even less this year.

Honk Less.  Ok, this one sounds stupid, but I’ve got a little road rage, and I’d like to work on it this year.  Every time you honk at someone or get honked at, it is an agitating sound that drives your stress level up, and the ripple effect goes into the rest of your day.  We could all stand to have a little more patience and understanding!

Give More.  I have so much, way more than I need, and it really hurts me to think that there is even one person in this world suffering, let alone millions.  This was the first year where I was financially capable of giving to many of the causes I love, and it truly made my year to be able to do so.  I hope to be able to do even more this year.  You can read about some of my favorite organizations here.  I hope you’ll give too!

Fight Back.  In my neverending efforts to make my loved ones happy, I often stand down and allow others to get their way, even when it means that I will be quietly upset for a while.  It’s unhealthy to let bad vibes fester, and stewing about negativity instead of speaking my mind only ends up hurting everyone.  In the world at large, this political climate we’re entering demands that we fight for what’s right.  We have to choose what is right, not what is easy.  This year, I’m going to be more vocal about what I want, go out, and get it!

Let Go.  There are things I cannot change, people that I can’t hold on to, and it is unhealthy to force situations or even waste emotional energy.  I’m a loyal person, and it hurts me to ever say goodbye, even when it’s for the best.  But this year, I’m going to put myself and my emotional health first.

Disconnect & Reconnect.  In this technology-driven world, it is so easy to fall into bad habits and forget the things that make you feel whole.  I love reading and taking walks by myself, but often I’m so tired that I choose Netflix over books and my car over walking.  Starting this weekend, I’m no longer going to bed with my computer or phone, and I’m going to stop driving to work, weather-permitting.  It’s time to focus on what really makes me happy.

Make This World A Better Place.  In Judaism, there is a strong emphasis on Tikkun Olam, which translates to repairing/healing the world.  In my religion, we are taught that it is humanity’s shared responsibility to do this, an obligation from which we cannot shy away.  The chaos, cruelty, and losses in 2016 only strengthen my resolve that we must work harder to make this world the place it should be.  It starts with each one of us, and together, we can bring about a better world for ourselves and future generations.

In this tumultuous time, I’m going to put my resolutions out into the universe and work hard in 2017 no matter what.  I hope we all do our best to be better as individuals and work together to make the world a better place!

Love, 2017 Me

PS: StyleCaster has more great New Year’s Resolutions here!

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