Holiday Photo Diary

This time of year is always tough: the holidays are over, and all that’s left is a bleak long winter.  So before we move forward into the cold and snow, take a look back at how I spent the holidays with my family!

file_00012Celebrating my mom’s birthday!
file_00011Living out my One Tree Hill dreams seeing Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele perform!
file_00010Nice view from my room in Philadelphia
file_0009They’re obsessed with Benjamin Franklin here.  Statues and art everywhere.file_0008file_0007Checking out amazing photography at the Barnes Foundation
file_0005My grandma’s big brother turned ninety-nine last week!file_0004Like I said…file_0006Jewish girl heaven!file_0003A little treat to my newly-single self…file_0002I grew up skating here, so it was really fun taking my cousin for her first timefile_0001Champagne donuts from Veggie Galaxy to ring in the new yearfile_000Last night of Chanukah AND New Year’s Eve!

Now, if we must, let the winter commence.  Love, Me

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