Inspirations: Week 52

One year later, this is my last Inspirations post of 2016 (and I mentioned Singing in the Rain, how fitting.)  I can’t believe that one year ago, I was sitting here writing the first one of the year!   Aside from a missed week when I was traveling, here we are in 2017, fifty-three weeks later…

1.  After a year of failed relationships (yes, plural because I’m just that lucky), I’m relearning how to love myself in 2017. (via Career Girl Daily025c7960e4a3d4eabb17ff5d0f1bed80

2.  This has been a year of growth for me, and I hope for you as well!  Here are some ways to adult better in the new year. (via Buzzfeed)

3.  Get a jumpstart on this year’s hottest beauty and skincare trends. (via Byrdie2020724-1481756871

4.  If you’re not about full-fledged resolutions, and let’s be honest, many of us are not, here are the lite versions: ideas that just don’t suck too much.  I’ve already got an alarm clock on my bedside table. (via GQsleep-read-etc

5.  If you want an easy way to lose weight, incorporate more fiber into your diet.  I’m obsessed with chickpeas! (via PopSugarhealthy-chickpea-garbanzo-beans-recipes

6.  After all these years of struggling to wake up, I want this year to be the year I become a morning person.  It’s always such a good feeling having extra hours in the day that I know it’ll be worth it. (via Career Girl Daily89f4a19a511ffb7ffbe2509afacabdcd

I really enjoyed doing these posts, and I think I’ll keep it going in 2017.  What do you think?  Love, Me

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