I’m With Her (Style)

The final countdown.  Apocalypse now.  War of the worlds.  All movie titles, all pretty accurate descriptions of how I’m feeling today.  I haven’t been around for many elections, but I know how incredibly important this one is, and most of the people I respect and look up to agree with me that America is in a precarious position.  We have power and we have a choice: we can elect a woman who is strong in the face of everything the world has thrown at her, a woman who has been a lawyer, our First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, a wife, mother, and grandmother, more roles than most women combined.  Or, we can elect a monster of a man who has lied repeatedly, changed his stance on various policies too many times to count, filed for bankruptcy four times, been accused of many different kinds of sexual assault, and has never served in any political capacity, let alone one with foreign policy experience.

So the choice is ours, and it is pretty life-or-death.  And yes, this is a much darker tone than maybe any other post on this blog.  So as a way to distract us from the stress and fear of today, I’m going to shift focus.  Last week, I featured some awesome Hillary swag, and today I’m going to talk about Hillary, the Style Icon.  People always talk about Jackie, Nancy and Michelle, but Hillary has been setting trends for years, and I’m not just talking about the pantsuits.  Get out and vote today for a smart, powerful, and stylish woman!

hbz-hillary-clinton-1969-gettyimages-50594227When she was a hipster at Wellesley before the hipster generation was even born, making her the ultimate hipster28undercoverweb6-blog427-v2When everything about her 70s style made a comeback during her 2016 run for president like it was fate
always-styleWhen Bill was sweating through his shirt but she kept her cool, literally and figuratively1993When she had that inaugural glow that we can’t wait to see for a third time!US First Lady Hillary Clinton laughs while speakinWhen she looked extra classy in pastels
1994When she held her own in a style face-off with Princess Dihbz-hillary-clinton-1993-gettyimages-93400004When she rocked all-pink before Elle Woods even triedhillary-clinton-celebrity-style-7-768x475When she was the best-dressed Secretary of State ever
match-pointWhen she looked like Tiffany’s and you knew Audrey Hepburn would’ve loved it18-hillary-style-evolutionWhen she looked like this getting off a plane and I look like the girl from The Grudgehbz-hillary-clinton-2015-gettyimages-469814072When she rocked sleek monochrome way before Gigi and Kendallhbz-hillary-clinton-04-2016-gettyimages-519240350When you wondered how she always had the perfect shoes to complement her jackets

I hope this post lightens the mood a bit.  Now get out and vote!  Love, Me

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