Photo Diary: Goodbye, Summer

File_000(10)My favorite beachFile_000(9)My sweet PattieFile_000(8)Nauset BeachFile_000(7)Cut my foot open on a rock, so my cousin Jamie carried me to the car!
File_000(6)Our house isn’t big enough for the entire extended family.  My aunt and uncle got the coolest HomeAway rental in Chatham with this outdoor bedroom in the woods, and we all took turns sleeping outside!
File_000(4)Morning sunlight in the outdoor bedroom.  I loved sleeping in the fresh air.File_000(2)Chapin BeachFile_000(1)Sunset dinner at Summer ShantyFile_000File_000(3)Brunch at Veggie Galaxy always makes me this happy!

Well, it’s September, Labor Day Weekend is over, and I’m shopping for fall clothes.  My mom’s family has been in town for about two weeks, visiting from New Jersey and England, and we’ve been spending a lot of time on the Cape.  I’m cherishing the last beautiful summer days, cherishing family, and looking forward to what’s ahead.  September, let’s do this!  XX, Gabrielle

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