Tour Guide: Cape Cod Eats

Hamptons, Jersey Shore, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod… If you’re a beach person, you probably have a regular summer spot, and you’re pretty passionate about how much better it is than everywhere else.  I’ve been a Cape Cod kid since before I was born; my mom and her family spent every summer at a resort on the Cape.  My grandparents bought our house when my mom was pregnant with me, and I’ve spent almost every weekend of every spring and summer of my life there.  It is my favorite place in the world, my most peaceful and happy place, and I know that I am my best self there.  I’m going to get married there one day, in my backyard, surrounded by people I love in the place I love most.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.09.52 AMHow cute were my mom and uncle?ScanMy parents took a mini-moon here in addition to their honeymoonScan 7Next month will be twenty years since my Grandpa passed away.  The few memories I have of him always seem strongest when I’m in the place that I know we both loved so much.

This week, my family is on our annual “Big Vacation” for about ten days.  We unwind, relax, eat way too much fish, and get too much sun.  It’s absolutely the best time of the year; when life doesn’t feel real because it is just too happy and beautiful.  I wonder why we ever leave.

Since I’m basically a bonafide Cape expert, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots with you.  Every place on this list is a place that holds a piece of my heart, so I hope you get a chance to try some of them…

Mattakeese Wharf:  The most amazing waterfront restaurant in Barnstable.  I’ve posted some unreal sunset shots from here before, but their food is just as delicious.  My family comes here every summer, and I took my girlfriends here for my birthday dinner too.  I always break my diet for the basil walnut pesto tortellini. ‎File_000‎(8)

Pizza Barbone: I crave this pizza all year, and I’ve actually driven down to the Cape just for one of their pistachio pesto pies. 11830339_10152855558516571_860650873_n

Green Lotus Cafe – Right across the street from Pizza Barbone is the first vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the Cape.  As a vegetarian, I’m so happy this place exists.  They have amazing soups, sandwiches, smoothies and juices.  I’m particular to the buffalo wrap, and even my carnivore of a father loves their Reuben on rye. sign

Summer Shanty: For when you’re looking for a simple and delicious fried fish sandwich with a view.  I love sitting here looking at the water. summerchanty_2

Sundae School: There is an age-old debate over whether Sundae School or Four Seas does better ice cream, but I was raised going to Sundae School (pun intended!) I don’t have much of an appetite for sweets, but I love their fresh peach ice cream with real chunks of peach, and it is always so fun to see families bringing their young kids for a big cone; it reminds me of my childhood in the best way. ss

I hope you all get a chance to experience the Cape someday because it is truly a magical place.  XX, Gabrielle

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