Photo Diary: Escape to the Cape

July was both amazing and horrible.  I signed the lease on my apartment, got a new job, and got my heart broken.  Pretty typical four weeks, right?  I don’t know how most people feel during a breakup, but for me, I just want to get away from everything in my life.  Thankfully, I have my favorite place in the world to escape to.  My family goes to the Cape almost every weekend in the summer, and we also do a long vacation there as well.  We disconnect from the rest of the world, spend too much time in the sun, and eat like we’ll never gain weight.  Basically exactly what a girl needs after a breakup.

I feel pretty good after ten days away, and I wanted to share the beauty of the Cape with you all.  Enjoy the pics and send good vibes my way…

Processed with VSCO with c6 presetAmazing sunsets are the norm in my neighborhoodFile_001File_000(1)My favorite drinking buddy!File_000(2)How cute is this dress I borrowed from my sister?  My friend Talia (pictured) and I both want to steal it!File_000(3)She told me that seaweed salad looked ‘gross,’ and then after I fed her some, she ate half my plate…
File_001(2)Drove out to the outer Cape, right at the end of the island for a hike.
File_002File_003File_004Hiking in sand is the most strenuous thing ever!  I thought I was going to die, but the views kept me going.File_005File_001(1)File_000(5)We found about three hundred seals on a sandbar (that dark line in right side of the photo)File_000(4)File_001(3)File_000(7)Wellfleet food trucks for lunch!  I had the most amazing chorizo tofu burrito.File_002(1)Our local coffee shop has what can only be described as a mermaid floor.File_000(6)Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Mattakeese Wharf.File_001(5)Mother & DaughterProcessed with VSCO with 10 presetFile_003(2)I’ve never seen a bad sunset here in my entire life!
File_002(2)Morning after Hillary’s epic speech.  I’m with her!File_001(4)This is one of my grandpa’s favorite spots, so I always pretend he’s here with me.
File_000(8)File_002(3)File_005(1)Trying to pose but the candids are always cuter!File_004(1)File_003(3)Every once in a while, my daddy takes some good pics for me!

I start my new job on this week, and some of my favorite friends and family are coming to town too, so thankfully, I’ll be keeping myself busy.  XX, Gabrielle

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