Inspirations: Week 35

1.  I’m so excited to try out the best beauty trends for fall.  I always love a classic red lip! (via PopSugar)


2.  So many new beauty buys to add to my shopping list… I’m particularly excited to try IGK’s Down & Dirty Spray, since I already love their Beach Club Texture Spray! (via PopSugarigk-down-dirty-spray

3.  I’m definitely trying to be smarter about money now that I’m financially independent from my parents. (via Career Girl Daily)

4.  I can’t wait to make these Alkaline-friendly veggie burgers.  Spinach, garlic, and tofu, basically all my favorites in one super healthy meal! (via Energise for Lifespinach_garlic_tofu_burgers

5.  Probably the sweetest thing I’ll ever share on here: 25 Life Lessons Written by a 100-Year-Old Man. (via PopSugar)


Between moving into my new place and dealing with the first chilly weather (already?!), I’m especially grateful that this is a short week.  Happy Wednesday!  XX, Gabrielle

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