Best Of: VMA’s

The MTV Video Music Awards are always eventful.  With surprise onstage kisses, acceptance speech interruptions, and hundreds of insane performances, it’s no wonder the VMAs are one of the most enjoyable awards shows of the lot!

But before the show even starts, we have the far more important (but equally entertaining) red carpet, where celebs show off their style or lack thereof.  I’ve decided to rename this series from ‘Best Dressed’ to ‘Best Of,’ because I don’t want to limit my love to the outfits.  There are always so many gorgeous hair and makeup looks on red carpets that deserve special recognition!  Here are my favorite looks from the other night:

britney-spears-zoom-d779ed7b-0df3-469c-b02f-b78b973df153It was Britney, Bitch all damn night at the VMA’s.  She returned to a stage that once ruined her and killed it, performance-wise, out-wise, and beauty-wise!mtv-vma-2016-best-dressed-blue-ivy1Mother-daughter outfit goals brought to you by Beyoncé and K has been flaunting her post-baby bod a lot lately, and with good reason.  But I loved her glowy natural makeup and wet, beachy hair even more than her vintage Givenchy dress.mtv-vma-red-carpet-2016-chloe-and-halle-baileyChloe and Halle Bailey had the most gorgeous looks, head to toe.alicia-keysAlicia Keys has said no to makeup, and I’m envious of her confidence.  Of course, if I glowed the way she does, I’d throw out my makeup too!winnie-harlowEverything about Winnie Harlow is just Larsson’s brow perfection is what I try (and usually fail) to do for myself on a daily basis.

I had planned to post this earlier in the week, but my roommates and I have been in apartment hell.  Have a great long weekend!  XX, Gabrielle

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