My Best Discoveries of 2017 (So Far)

Does anyone else still think of years in terms of school years? Maybe it’s my Jewish upbringing, with New Year in the fall instead of January, but I always think of September as being a new beginning, the same way it was every fall when I went back to school.

So in that vein, I wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the best buys I made this year. Each of these products is something I use regularly and absolutely love. No buyer’s remorse whatsoever…

Away Carry-On

I’ve used this suitcase about fifteen times since I bought it almost a year ago, first on my New Orleans trip, then Chicago, New York, Arizona, Portland, and California, to name a few.  I love how the compartments fit so much, and that I can use its two USB ports to charge my devices when I’m traveling, especially since this year I suddenly became unlucky and experienced so many delayed flights!  It’s truly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Foreo Luna

I use this little rubber dude every day now in combination with Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser, and my skin has improved a lot.  I love how long it can hold a charge (weeks), and it helps me keep my skin healthy and smooth without over-exfoliating, one of my bad habits.

Salt Lamp

Aside from the fact that this lamp is super pretty and affordable, I’m very into the properties of the Himalayan salt rock.  It purifies the air and helps me sleep – to the point where if I fall asleep with it on, I sleep so deeply that I’ll miss my alarm!

Nike ‘LunarEpic’ Sneakers

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.50.11 PM.png

I was never that invested in workout sneakers, assuming that it was more about the drive and desire to be miserable than having the “right” footwear.  But I bought these at a Nike outlet with my ex on a whim, and they completely changed my workouts.  They’re incredibly comfortable, chic, and I feel like I’m bouncing on clouds instead of dying on the treadmill.

Y7 Yoga

I’ve been loving my infrared heat yoga classes set to hip-hop and rap. Read more about Y7 here.

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