Packing For A New Adventure

I’m so grateful to have parents who still take me on vacation!  This week, we’re off to Arizona, and I’m excited to explore a region and state that I’ve never been to!  It’s a chance to try new things and make new memories.  There’s no way to be prepared for the unknown, but I’m always trying.  Here’s how I get ready for a trip to a new place:

Get Acquainted – Nowadays, it’s so easy to learn about a place before you get there.  You don’t need an encyclopedia or a tour guide – all you need is your phone or computer.  Make a list of sites to see and restaurants to try.  You’ll be even more excited to get there!


Be Weather-Wise – My family always laughs about this one trip to Savannah when my sister brought flip flops, sweatpants, a snow jacket, and a bathing suit.  I always look at the weather forecast multiple times leading up to a trip and pack accordingly.

Pack Smart – Pack outfits rather than individual articles of clothing.  You’ll pack lighter and save time getting dressed each day!


Travel Light – I know, it’s hard to reconcile being prepared and packing light.  But only using carry-on luggage this year has made me more efficient and organized.  I also save time at airports not having to go to baggage claim, and I never worry about an airline losing my luggage!   I’m obsessed with my Away rollie, which has a built-in lock and two USB ports to charge my devices!


You can read some of my other travel posts here!  What’s your best travel tip?

Love, Me


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