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I’m so thrilled to share this interview that I did with the lovely Alexandra of Life By A!  I absolutely love her blog, especially her Mood Boards!

I’ve talked a lot about how important it is for women to support and nurture each other, and I truly think that it is key to combatting the negative energies that threaten to tear us down every day.  If you have a friend who you admire and think she’s doing something amazing, tell her!  There’s no time like the present to start spreading the love!


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I am SO beyond excited to share my new series with you all!

Each week I’ll be interviewing an awesome blogger or someone who is just doing amazing things. I’ve wanted to do something like this for awhile but finally got around to reaching out to people to see if they’d be interested. This is especially exciting because some of the people I’m interviewing are people I look up to!

If there’s anyone you’d like to see me interview, please comment below to let me know. 🙂

First up we have a blogger who has recently become one of my favorites. I’m talking about Gabrielle from Love & Water! I’ve mentioned her a few times, but I knew I absolutely had to have her featured in this series.

She blogs about pretty much everything, and I just love everything she writes! Read on to learn more Gabrielle.

Life by A: Tell us about yourself, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: I’m twenty-three years old, born in New York and raised in Boston and a little bit in Israel. I love to travel and explore new places and take long walks. I love Harry Potter (the books), To Kill a Mockingbird, Star Wars, Little Mermaid, and Elvis. My icon and role model is my mother, who is also my best friend and the most incredible, hardworking and loving person. I work at a tech startup full-time, but also consider my blog to be a full-time job!

A: What inspired you to start Love and Water?

G: I originally started the blog before I went back to Israel for a semester abroad in college in 2013, so there are a bunch of posts about that, but I was also already using it a little for beauty and fashion back then. I stopped using it for about a year, and then decided in spring of 2015 that I wanted to make a serious effort to turn it into something!

I’ve always been into makeup; I used to carry a little purse filled with lip glosses around school every day. But one of the biggest reasons that I started to actively dedicate myself to my blog was that I struggled with acne for years, and it was a part of my life that was really hard for me. I’ve tried every product and prescription, but I also took the time to educate myself about what I was putting on my skin. I always recommend and gift products to my family and friends, and I love when they come to me for advice about beauty. My facialist says I’m an expert!

I really want to share my knowledge about skincare and makeup with girls who struggle with their skin so that they don’t feel alone in this fight. I can also save you a lot of time and money by pointing you to the best products!

A: What is your favorite thing about blogging?

G: I love when someone comments or emails to tell me they love a product I recommended. I also really love putting together outfits for the blog, even though I feel awkward doing photoshoots! I have this weird talent where I’ll buy something or get really into a fabric or style, and then it starts showing up everywhere a few months later. It happened with bucket bags, velvet, mules, and now corduroy, which is going to be huge for fall.

A: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

G: Am I allowed to say that I have no idea?! Ideally, I’d love to be able to blog and write full-time, and have the kind of job where I can travel a lot. I’d also love to be in love, but after spending the past year in two serious relationships, I’m pretty happy loving myself right now. But all I really need in the next five years is to be happy and healthy and for my loved ones to be the same.


A: What is a typical day like for you?

G: I typically get up around 7:15, and check my phone for a few minutes while convincing myself to get out of bed. Usually, I’ve already picked out my outfit the night before, I try get to work by 8:30-9, but I’m really not a morning person. I’m a work in process!

From there, my days are pretty varied, because startups are all about getting things done, even if they don’t fall under your job description. It’s a very collaborative and I really like all of the people I work with, so I consider myself very lucky!

My blog posts are all scheduled at least a week in advance, but I always reread them as soon as they publish in the mornings. If I have a good idea for a new post while I’m at work or out running an errand, I’ll make a note on my phone right away so I don’t forget. I’m all about lists and staying organized, because I easily devolve into a total mess!

After work, I like to go home and get dressed for the gym right away. If I sit down on my bed or turn on Netflix, I’ll lie there all night. I’m trying to go to the gym every day, and it feels so good. I love Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app, even though it’s really intense.

After the gym I’ll come home and cook for myself. I’m a pescetarian with vegan tendencies, so my meals contain a lot of vegetables, which I love. I’m obsessed with leafy greens; I think they’re the key to health. I keep my fridge stocked with spinach, Swiss chard, bok choy, and my favorite, kale. I usually make enough for two meals, and bring the leftovers to work for lunch the next day.

I like to take a long shower every night and pamper myself before bedtime. I’ll do a sheet mask or mud mask and work on blog posts while I watch TV. I’m trying to read in bed instead of watching Netflix, because keeping your laptop in bed is such an unhealthy habit. More often than not, I fall asleep with my laptop, but I’m getting there!

A: What is your favorite thing to write about?

G: In general, I’m always at my best when I’m doing something I’m passionate about. I love writing about new products that are really working for me, but my favorite posts are probably travel posts. I love photography and photos, and putting the posts together is like reliving the adventures of the trip.

A: What is your all-time favorite piece of clothing?

G: I have my mom’s Calvin Klein jean jacket from the late 80s, and it’s probably my most cherished article of clothing. It’s really thick, high-quality denim, and I wear it constantly. I also have her old NYU Law sweatshirt, which is like my comfort blanket that I wear when I travel. Last year when I went to Israel, I actually wore the jacket on top of the sweatshirt on the plane, and my girlfriends were like, “do you only wear your mom’s old clothes?” But they’re just really special to me.

A: Zara or ASOS?

G: ASOS because they have an insane selection and this shipping deal where you pay $20 and get free 2-day shipping for an entire year. Once in a while, I’ll find a great piece at Zara, but their styles are more hit or miss for me. My best friend is Team Zara, but we still love each other!

A: What is your best piece of advice? (About life, love, work, etc.)

G: “Kadima” – My Father

It’s Hebrew, and it means forward. No matter what is happening, you have to keep going. You can take a break, take a seat, have a good cry, but at some point, you have to dust yourself off and keep moving. It used to drive me nuts when he said it, but it’s really true.

A: What can we expect from you in the coming months?

G: I’m doing a lot of traveling in March, so there will be a lot of posts around that, which I’m really excited for! I’m also going to be collaborating with some cool companies and brands too, and I’m thrilled to have those opportunities.”

Love, Me

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