My Style: Starry Night

I’ve always loved stars.  Maybe it’s that Starr is my last name, but I’ve always thought that they were so beautiful!  Throughout my life, they’ve been everywhere: in a silver ring that my mom bought me for my birthday when I was around ten, glowing ones to stick on the walls, and every doodle in my notebook was a star or moon or a girl wearing an outfit covered in stars.  Lucky for me, stars are having a moment, so it’s been easy to indulge.

Confession: this silky, starry blouse is actually part of a set of ASOS pajamas, but when they arrived in the mail, I decided that it was too beautiful to sleep in!  I wore it for the first time in New York and got a lot of compliments.  I love the silkiness, and the print is small enough to be chic, rather than ostentatious.

file_000-39file_000-38Not really sure what’s happening here
file_000-37Relaxing at our luxurious Carlyle Hotel

Sleepwear and loungewear styles are very in right now.  What do you think of the trend?

Love, Me

Wearing: M. Gemi boots/Uniqlo jeans/ASOS pajama top

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