Obsessed With: Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

There’s a certain frustration that comes with looking at teenagers today who seem to have it together way more than we used to.  I look at someone like Kaia Gerber or Lily-Rose Depp and wonder how they apparently function so well at an age when I had braces, acne, and thought that a thick line of eyeliner was the only makeup ever necessary.  Add Iris Law to the list of teenage beauty queens with celebrity pedigree and a burgeoning career that dwarfs that of someone seven years her senior.

Iris Law is the daughter of Jude Law, who I, quite frankly, forgot is old enough to have grown children.  She’s also the new face of Burberry Beauty and posed to be one of the next It Girls.  Now, I might not be sixteen anymore, nor am I British, but Iris and I do have something in common: we recognize the power of a great lipstick.

As the only woman in an office full of men, my day-to-day look vacillates between my desire to be comfortable, to be one of the boys, and wanting to feel incredibly feminine.  So on days when I choose jeans, sneakers, and my favorite Johnny Cash tee, I also reach for a bold lipstick.  My current favorite is also Iris’: Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet.

File_000 (46).jpeg

I love how creamy and smooth these lippies feel.  The colors are rich and stay all day with minimal reapplication.  Have you tried them?

Love, Me

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