Inspirations: Week 55

1.  The best new skincare products are all about the blues. (via Byrdieseeing-blue-why-this-color-is-skincares-latest-obsession-1645981-1454567092-640x0c

2.  I’m proud to say that I cook for myself almost every night.  Here are 15 dishes you should know how to make before you turn 25.  My next challenge is homemade ramen!  (via Brit + Coimg_0072edit-copy

3.  I’m always looking for easy hairstyles to elevate my day-to-day looks, and I’m obsessed with this one.  I have a lot of hair though, so I won’t be adding extensions when I do it. (via Luxy Hair)

4.  Delve into the issue of ‘business casual’ and why it’s a ridiculous, non-existent style.  My friend Leigh wrote this! (via Arthur744f7f6effa750cf56834a99221298aa

5.  This habit is something some of my coworkers have adopted (or have been doing for years) and I really want to jump on the bandwagon. (via My Domaine88f7eac0bc9ef4af8da6827f88a48e78

6.  ICYMI, women kicked ass this weekend.  Check out 33 hilarious signs from the Women’s March. (via Buzzfeeddsc_0091

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