My Style: Chanel, Again

File_000 (88)File_000File_002File_001File_000 (87)File_004File_003Zara top/Levi’s jeans/Kaitlyn Pan shoes/Chanel bag/Quay sunglasses

Last year, I did a post about my dupe Chanel heels, which look just like the real deal at a fraction of the price.  Fast-forward a few months, I’m the proud owner of a real Chanel handbag!  I have these Quay ‘My Girl’ sunglasses in blue in addition to tortoiseshell – you might remember them from my Arizona and Florida posts.  They’ll be back online this week, and I might get another pair.  When you find something you really love, stock up!  I love this look, which is a mix of classy and casual, perfect for days at the office and nights out.

These also might be my favorite photos ever; Sophie is the best photographer!

Love, Me

*Photos by Sophie Mclaughlin

2 thoughts on “My Style: Chanel, Again

  1. Love all of this so much! Where do I begin? The outfit is amazing, so classic but at the same time you have a way of adding a fresh feeling to it which makes it feel very attainable. The flowers mixed with brick is honestly my favorite. Awesome lookbook.

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