My Style: Sunset Swim

I spend a lot of my life at the beach, and for most of the past few years, I’ve been wearing one-piece swimsuits.  They’re so comfortable and universally flattering.  Now that they’re coming back into style, there are so many different options for style, cut, color – you’re bound to find something you like!  My absolute favorite is the Anne-Marie from Solid & Striped.  I keep buying it in different colors because I just love them so much and feel so confident whenever I wear one!

This ombre is my newest iteration of the Anne-Marie, and I am absolutely in love with it.  I wore it for the first time in Florida; the bright colors are definitely appropriate for the vibe down there!

Do you have a favorite swimwear brand?  I’m always looking for recommendations!  Love, Me

Shop more of my Solid & Striped picks:

2016-07-07-ss-1135The Jennifer

2016-12-03-ss-2974The Anne Marie

2016-07-07-ss-1687The Chelsea

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