Inspirations: Week 49

1.  These are the best books of 2016.  I’m particularly excited to read War and Turpentine. (via New York Times4e77a816fa96092c1d121953004d183a

2.  I drink lemon water at work all day long, and always ask for lemon slices when I dine out.  It’s a simple health hack with great benefits.  (via Career Girl Dailymg_8175

3.  Sometimes I have a really hard time motivating myself to work out.  Here’s how to trick your brain into getting to it! (via Byrdie)9eb594c15fc19aec2861a81859dfc991

4.  Check out these stunningly powerful photos of a woman covered in Trump’s hateful words. (via PopSugartumblr_ohvpxbevdp1r5vxuko7_540

5.  The worst presidency in history is drawing nearer by the day, so here’s an awesome site called 99 Ways to Fight Trump.  Let’s get to work, people.10f74e03c8c036d5fad89391f1886c1c

Love, Me

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