Gift Guide: Icy Hot

We all have at least one friend or family member who’s always cold.  If you want to make their winter season a little more pleasant, here’s what you get them:

Uniqlo Heattech Collection – I love Uniqlo’s innovative Heattech undershirts, leggings, and socks, which use heat-retaining technology to keep you warm.  It was even used by a woman who climbed Mount Everest, so you know it works!

S’well Bottle – This is one of my favorite splurge presents to give because it will keep your hot drinks hot for hours.  I put tea in mine early in the morning, and it stays hot throughout the day at work.  It also will keep your cold drinks cold, you know, if you’re into that.

Lancer The Method: Polish – It’s important to take good care of your skin year-round, and my favorite exfoliator warms to your touch as you exfoliate. (Check out my other picks for good skin here)

Sunbeam Microplush Heating Pad – It’s really nice to have a heating pad in your bed for sore muscles, cramps, or when you just need a little extra warmth.  This one is remote-controlled and has multiple heat settings.

TheraPearl Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy Eye-ssential Mask – This mask can be put in the freezer to relieve dry eyes, irritated skin, and sinus headaches.  When you microwave it, the heat helps reduce nasal congestion and warm you up!

LL Bean Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt – I’m wearing this as I write this post, but it’s one of the best articles of clothing ever!  The super-soft flannels come in rich colors, and the fleece lining is incredibly cozy.

If you’re lucky enough to have warm clothes, please consider donating to Cradles to Crayons, an organization that provides winter coats, hats, gloves, and other cold-weather essentials to kids in need.  I’m really proud to work with and support their amazing efforts!  Love, Me

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