Brand I Love: Tatcha

When I fall in love with a new product or even entire brand, I have to share the wealth!  Japanese-American brand Tatcha has some of the most luxurious, simple, and beautiful products I’ve ever used.  Their products are inspired by the luxury and simplicity of old-fashed geishas, and they use some of the purest, natural ingredients on the market.  They also partner with Room to Read, a nonprofit that aims to educate young women in Asia and Africa; I love a company that gives back!

Read on to learn about my favorite Tatcha products:

s1673805-main-lheroOne-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil – I have the full and travel sizes of this oil because I use it every day.  I love the lightness of the liquid – it isn’t goopy or heavy, but still takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin clean, smelling amazing, and looking great.  I’ve been recommending it to everyone!

accbdb4c3d2acd04f5125d72538209f4a69032f2-dewy-skin-mistLuminous Dewy Skin Mist – I love a good facial spray!  Unlike many facial sprays, this refreshes your makeup while hydrating your skin with red algae, squalane, and a special anti-aging complex.  I keep the travel size in my everyday work bag.

9ab6955480177fabe096019a275c965396c122ff-red-camellia-lip-balmLIMITED EDITION 2016 Red Camellia Lip Balm – A special version of their beloved Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm, this is my new favorite lip product.  I love the subtle red tint inspired by the red camellia flower, and how hydrating the camellia oil is on my skin.  Plus, it’s made with 24-karat gold, so you’ll feel fancy.

Have you tried any of Tatcha’s products?  What do you think?  Love, Me

* All photos courtesy of Tatcha’s website with my gratitude

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