Where Do We Go From Here?

Usually, I keep this blog pretty light: fashion, beauty, travel, the occasional Red Sox post.  But today, I woke up, and my entire being, this country, the world, everything felt so different.  We saw a change last night; everything will be different now.  There is no one who can lie and tell us that things will be fine because we have opened Pandora’s Box; we have let out the hate, the racism, the intolerance that we have tried to extinguish, and it is now leading us.

So what can we do?  How can we move forward?

Talk to someone.  In this awful time, the most important thing to know is that you are not alone.  We are all struggling, and we will all be in pain for a long time.  We have to work together, stick together, and support one another, now more than ever. file_000-4

Make a change.  Find a local candidate to support.  Here in Massachusetts, I really like our Congressmen, Congressman Seth Moulton and Joe Kennedy, and I have donated and voiced my support to them.  Champion a cause.  Learn about the issues and figure out what you believe in.  The rebuilding starts now.  We cannot wait two or four years to fix this.

Register to vote.  Yes, we just had an election.  But for all of you who did not want to choose one of these candidates, or think your vote could count, and therefore did not vote, you see what can happen.  You can register to vote or change your registration here.

file_000-6I will always be so proud that I voted for her

Do some good.  Take a look around your community.  See what needs to get done and lend a hand.  Volunteer and give your time (or money) to those in need.  The only way through this darkness is overwhelming light and love.

Some of my favorite organizations:

Planned Parenthood – Needs our support now more than ever

Nurturing Minds – Helping girls in Africa go to school

Keep America Beautiful – Works to keep our country clean, green, and trash-free

Cradles to Crayons – Supplies children with clothes, school supplies, and winter gear

Practice self-care.  Buy yourself a treat.  Wear your favorite color.  Take time for yourself and remember that you deserve love and happiness.

Spread love unconditional.  Tell someone you love them.  Give a compliment.  Hold the door open for a stranger.  Even the smallest acts of kindness come together in making a difference.

I’m hugging you all right now.  Love, Me

4 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Love this and I thank you for writing something that strikes a cord and inspires in a dark time and a very sad day for many. I have shared with my sons and friends because I think you offer ideas that are concrete and emotion that is heartfelt and shared, and we all need to find energy and inspiration again.

  2. Thank you for this. I’m holding back tears at work this morning, cannot believe our country is so full of hate. I will definitely look into donations for those organizations that need it now more than ever.

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