Inspirations: Week 44

Last night was so horrible.  I’ve been trying to put my emotions into words, but there is no word that encompasses shame, heartbreak, frustration, and shock.  I honestly don’t know how to function after this or what our country is going to be like.  Luckily, I wrote the rest of this post before the election, and I hope it helps you even if it is only a distraction from our lives.

1.  I drink at least three cups of tea a day to stay warm and hydrated, but did you know that tea has serious beauty and health benefits too? (via The Chriselle Factorthechrisellefactor_teas0013

2.  I’m so happy that flares have come back.  Here’s some amazing outfit inspiration to get you out of your skinny jean rut. (via Pure Wowflares2

3.  Even though I firmly believe that the holidays should be about more than just presents, I’m going to share a good (and inexpensive) gift guide with you anyway! (via StyleCaster50-gifts-under-50-06

4.  It’s hard to stay active when I’m so busy at work all day.  Luckily, you can burn calories in many different ways; there’s something on this list for everyone. (via Byrdie209f98bb34817658759de6c9eda34e83

Sending so much love and prayers to us all.  Love, Me

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