Worth the Splurge: Eve Lom Cleanser

I regularly write about the inexpensive products I love, and for the most part, my beauty and skincare routine is comprised of drugstore or similarly-priced items.  But some expensive products are simply better, and they deserve their moment in the spotlight here as well.  As a woman on a budget, I think it’s important to show where I save and where I splurge.  EV0028_4600_EVE_LOM

One of my favorite products to use is Eve Lom’s Cleanser.  It was one of the first expensive skincare products I ever bought, but its quality and longevity make it worth every penny.  I have learned so much about skincare in the past few years, and I really believe that if you find an effective product that really works for your skin, everything else will be easier.  Last year, when I was still battling acne, I wrote about my experience with it, and I still love using it when I get ready for bed because it cleanses deeply and hydrates for beautiful skin.  It has a thick, balmy texture from the natural oils and eucalyptus, but melts into a creamy oil on your face.  My makeup is no match for it, and the stimulating facial massage I give myself while using it makes me glow.  I use it with the recommended muslin cloths, and if you’re the kind of girl who thinks that a makeup wipe gets everything off your face, test-drive this cleanser.  You’ll be shocked at how much a wipe can’t get.  Ew.  You can read more of my product reviews here.

Comment below if you have a holy grail product that’s worth my while!  Love, Me

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