Curated: Fall Flower Power

One of the things I love about fashion nowadays is that we’ve really thrown the rules out the window.  White after Labor Day?  I love winter whites.  Skinny or flare jeans?  How about both and everything in between!  But my favorite perennial trend is florals; you can never go wrong with a floral.  I saw so many great florals when I was at Fashion Week last weekend, and they ranged from romantic, feminine, even edgy, depending on how they were styled.  Florals are going to be huge this season, and I’m so excited to have even more of them in my wardrobe.  So today’s segment of Curated is all about flower power!

Love, Me

Shop my fall floral picks:

revr-wd27_v1Reverse Tuesday Maxi Dress

scol-ws79_v2Stone Cold Fox Koshi Crop Top

image1xxlTed Baker Jockei Citrus Bloom Sneakers

image1xxl1Miss Selfridge Embroidered Boot

2138512_365282Glamorous Horticulture Club Bomber

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