Inspirations: Week 36

1.  Aside from chickpeas, kale is probably my favorite food on the planet.  I eat it at least once a day.  Now I have some new recipes to try! (via StyleCasterimg_1462

2.  How to master the street style pose. (via PopSugarcasual-lean

3.  My new favorite musicians, Hearts & Colors covering my First-Dance-At-My-Wedding song.

4.  Check out some of Fashion Week’s best moments.  Rebecca Minkoff’s show made the list; check out my Fashion Week Photo Diary for my experience! (via PopSugartribute-bill-cunningham

5.  Oh my lord, I cannot wait to make this matcha chia pudding. (via PopSugar5314ca39a2718e8e_unnamed

6.  iOS 10 came out last night.  Here ten tips on the changes, because it’s actually very different than iOS 9. (via PopSugaranimate-your-text-screen-fun-full-screen-effects

The weekend is almost here; you got this!  Love, Me

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