Fashionable: Fall Footwear

One of my favorite things about changing seasons is rediscovering all the shoes I’ve got stored away.  I switch my closet over every fall and spring, which gives me the chance to also get rid of things that I won’t wear, something I have a really hard time doing.  My new rule is that I cannot buy anything without giving something else away, but it has been so hard!

Like most fashion girls, I am a collector of shoes.  I have multiple pairs of Adidas, Nikes, Converse, and Keds, and that’s just my white sneakers!  But I’m also really serious about only buying shoes that are comfortable.  My mom had a rule when I was little that she wouldn’t buy me any shoes that I couldn’t run in, and it is a rule that I’ve maintained for myself.  There’s no point in buying shoes – no matter how gorgeous – that you will never wear.  As such, I wear sneakers a lot, and I’m not big into stilettos or anything uncomfortable.  Luckily, a lot of the fall styles are platform, low heeled, or athletic, so there’s a lot that I want!

drmar552834_313784_jb1Dr. Martens Flora Chelsea Boot in ‘Green Arcadia’ – My oxblood lace-up Docs are among my favorite cold weather shoes, but I love the unique dark green shade of these.  They’re almost black so they are totally a neutral – a very unique neutral.

image1xxlPark Lane Flatform Plimsolls – I’m loving the extra height I get from these sneaks!  I’ve been wearing them everywhere the past few weeks.

image1xxl3ASOS Leather Heeled Shoes – 70s and 90s styles are still huge for fall, and these look like something Mila Kunis wore on That 70s Show.

image1xxl4Kat Maconie Sierra Black Embellished Heel Leather Sandals – I love an accent shoe.  I usually wear all black when I go out, and I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so I like a cool shoe to give my outfit a little pizzaz.

image1xxl5Kat Maconie Sadie Blue Velvet Heeled Sandals – This shoe combines so many fall trends: block heels, velvet, and statement.

image1xxl6Dune Alanah Leopard Pony Flat Shoes – You can never go wrong with leopard, and low heels are the comfy, extremely chic It Shoe for fall.  These feel so Audrey Hepburn, and that’s never a bad feeling.

image1xxl7New Look Metal Block Heeled Shoe – I like the little metal detailing on these otherwise simple and classic heels.

What are your favorite shoes for fall?  XX, Gabrielle

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