Inspirations: Week 34

So my hump day is actually feeling a bit like a Monday… I got back from vacation last night, and I’m having a pretty rough morning.  Hope yours is better!

1.  I’m always on the lookout for the next It Girl makeup brand. (via Byrdie1879654-1471996470-640x0c

2.  Introvert Hangover is the perfect term to describe how I feel.  It’s nice to put a name to it. (via Science of Us)

3.  For all my fellow 20-somethings who are terrified of how to get started managing their money, this piece– by a classmate of mine from high school explained stuff in a way I could actually understand. (via Medium)

4.  Check out 14 of the Most Scandalous Women in History, because women are badasses, and we wouldn’t be electing our first female President this fall without them. (via PopSugar)sidonie-gabrielle-colette

5.  I love the idea of back to school shopping for adults, even though I’m basically shopping on a constant basis. (via Into the Gloss) unif-holiday-2014-the-cool-hour-lookbook-21

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