Photo Diary: Poolside Saturday

File_000Swimsuit: H&M; Shades: TargetFile_006My cousin Jamie, visiting from the UK
File_005File_001File_007Posing or trying to convince myself to get in this cold water?File_003File_002Looking for a chicken fight…
File_004If I’m not at the beach, I’m at the pool.  #1 rule of summer!

Happy (?) Monday!  I’m currently on a mini-vacation because my mom’s family is visiting from New Jersey and England, and it’s absolutely amazing having everyone here.  My mom’s big brother lives in England with my aunt and cousins, and it is such a treat getting to spend so much time with them.  Everyone is congregating at our Cape house, so it is kind of crazy and crowded around here, but family is the most important and precious thing.  No complaints!

How cute is this one-piece from H&M?  It looks really luxurious, but it only cost $35!  The navy is such a deep, rich shade, and the lace-up detail is a major trend that looks like it will continue into the fall season.  I shot these photos with my cousin Freddie over the weekend; she is really good at capturing quiet, happy moments without me having to really pose too much.  We really just chatted while she took them, to the point where I didn’t realize she was shooting at all!  We spent Saturday at the pool at home in Boston and came to the Cape yesterday for a bunch of quality beach time.  Summer for me boils down to spending as much time by the water as possible, soaking up the sun and beauty of Massachusetts before the winter rears its ugly head again…

Enjoy the last few days of August!  I remain in denial that fall is coming.  XX, Gabrielle

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